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Topics & Sub-Topics Arab EmTech

Speakers can select from the below suggested topics & Sub-topics. Or Suggest a new topics from his selection within the selected category.

CyberSecurity Domain
Main Topics Sub-Topics
AI & ML in CyberSecurity
Sustainable & Secure IoT Devices
IoT / IIoT
5G Security
Application Security
Threat Intelligence
Hackers & Threats
The Future of Endpoint Security
Endpoint Security
EmTech Security Requirements
Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC)
Security Awareness for SMEs
Security Awareness
Human element in CyberSecurity
Cloud Security
AI to detects and responds to hidden cyberattacks
Zero Trust Security
Vulnerability Puzzle - discovery and management
workplace Security
AI in new SOC Model
Unified security
Security Automation
cyber security risk management
Device Security In the new digital era
EmTech & new threat landscape
COVID-19's Impact on Cybersecurity
Digital Risks
COVID-19: How to avoid cyberattacks when working from home
Disruptive Trends Transforming Cybersecurity
Workloads and Application Security
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Main Topics Sub-Topics
Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies
Demystifying FinTech
Tokenized Assets and Tax
Cryptocurrencies Regulations
DLT and tokenized markets
Blockchain and Payment Systems
Blockchain in multiple industries like logistics , Supply Chain, real estate, media sector , etc.
Educational and motivational impacts in Blockchain Domain
DeFi "Decentralized Finance"
CBDC "Central bank digital currency"
Fighting fraud in Cryptocurrency Domain
AI using Blockchain Technology
CyberSecurity & Cryptocurrency
FinTech Domain
Main Topics Sub-Topics
Open Banking World
Future of FinTech under Covid-19 Assumption
crypto finance
Innovative Digital Platforms
The Future of Embedded Finance
FinTech innovation and use of technology
Islamic Fintech
Insurance Market and Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation, Fintech
The Future of the Financial Industry
Fintech: ME disruptor
FinTech Startups
Intensifying fintech regulation
AI: a natural for financial institutions
Trusting AI with our Finances
Leveraging AI Chatbots
Main Topics Sub-Topics
AI in Quantum Computing
Healthcare Digital Transformation with AI
AI in Autonomous Vehicles, Internet of Things, Robotics
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Relationship between Humans and Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning
Ethics of AI and autonomous technology
Reinforcement Learning
RPA for SMEs
Opportunities for Robots from COVID-19
AI in CyberSecurity
AI and the Future of Work
Data Analytics
governance implications of AI
Predictive Analytics
User Experience & Data Visualization
Data Ethics and Governance
5G Technology
Main Topics Sub-Topics
5G & Smart City
Potential Challenges & Enterprise Benefits
5G & Cybersecurity
the future of cybersecurity in 5G
Collaborating 5G, IoT & Blockchain
Unlocking the Potential of 5G
Big Data Analytics In 5G
5G Use-cases
AI In 5G Networks
5G Application & Transformation
Deploying AI within the 5G Network
5G Resilience
EdTech Domain
Main Topics Sub-Topics
AR, VR and mixed reality in Education
EdTech From Strategic Plan to Action Plan
Computational thinking
Middle East Education Landscape
AI in learning environments
The Edtech investment landscape
The opportunities in the Edtech space
Main Topics Sub-Topics
Founders Guide
How to test your startup idea
Sustainable Startups
Digital Marketing / Marketing Automation / Growth-Hacking
Other EmTech Startups
Design your business for growth
Raising Funding
Stages to Commercialization Your Product or Service
Entrepreneurs Network
How Startup Funding Works Today
Business Cases
The Next Generation of Space Technology Startups
Building a Successful Enterprise-Startup
How to Scale your Business
Essential Startup Advice
Where to start
2020 Plans and New Opportunities
Women in EmTech
Main Topics Sub-Topics
Female Entrepreneur
mental cybernetics and success in careers and business
Involving women in digital economy
journey in entrepreneurship
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