Dr. Samar Shilbayeh Speaker BIO

Dr Samar Shilbayeh is Assistant Professor in Business Analytics program in Abu Dhabi School of Management , she worked as a senior data scientist and head of research Center in Cognitro Analytics company experienced in extracting data, analyzing, findings and applying predictive modeling techniques, assisted in the development of an analytics framework for smart construction of a new type of predictive indicators “Cognitive Indicators”. Developed active learning algorithms. Developed a cost effective, expert intelligent system, which guides the data miner to optimize models selection. Her research interests include machine learning and AI approaches, cost sensitive machine learning algorithms, applying machine learning solutions in health, finance, telecom and insurance.

Dr Samar has a she finished her PhD in Machine learning and AI from the university of Salford, Computer science and Engineering department, Manchester, UK.


AI / ML Tech


TUE 17 Nov 2020


02:00 PM, GST




AI Fundamentals and its application in Business Strategy


The session will cover the main concepts of Machine learning and AI and how to gain the competitive age using machine learning solutions . A real case study on how to apply machine learning solution in business strategy will be shown and discussed.

First Day January 5, 2020
Second DayJanuary 6, 2020
Third DayJanuary 8, 2020
Fourth DayJanuary 9, 2020

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