Marina Chanaeva Speaker BIO

Founder and CEO at CMV Solutions

Marina has 15+ years of experience in IT consulting, business development, and project management with a strong background in operating high-concept initiatives within the information technology, financial, and telecom industries.

Prior to establishing CMV Solutions held various senior positions at several regional and international companies, including BDO and Kaspersky Lab.

Successfully builds new services and develops it to a profitable business and has extensive expertise regarding business strategy development and sales sourcing supervision.





MON 16 Nov 2020


02:30 PM, GST



Session Title

5 most common mistakes to avoid when launching your startup

Session Brief

Why there are thousands of bright ideas in the market that never saw the business light and success? Why there are millions of dollars spent on product development and the product was never sold to clients?
In this session I will share the basic yet most crucial components of any startup activity that are always ignored in the beginning and never completed in the end, because by then it’s too late.

Learning outcomes: After attending this session, you would be able to:

1. grasp the fundamental mistakes that can obstruct any startup initiative
2. capture the concept of customer persona and its marketing application
3. recognize the concept of unique product proposition and how to identify it based on the market competitiveness
4. understand the importance of financial planning throughout the startup lifecycle
5. appreciate the significance of having a Go-to-market strategy during the preliminary planning stages

First Day January 5, 2020
Second DayJanuary 6, 2020
Third DayJanuary 8, 2020
Fourth DayJanuary 9, 2020

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